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A national representative sample of 133 high schools was chosen from all Lebanese governorates. It comprised public and private schools. The number of LNYP members in each governorate was chosen according to the ratio: number of high school students in a given governorate to the total number of high school students in Lebanon. Every interested candidate was invited to submit an electoral proposal. 560 proposals were submitted to IOM by the end of April 2009. Candidates were selected based on the competencies shown in the programs. Equal ratio between males and females, Moslems and Christians (based on the Lebanese constitution) was taken into consideration.
Finally, the LNYP was constituted in June 2009, comprising 64 MPs aged between 15 and 19. Six Parliamentary Committees were formed in accordance with the Committees of the National Assembly. They are as follows: Health and Combating Drugs, Justice and Human Rights, Women and Children, Youth and Sports, Education and Environment and Tourism.
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